Microman AS was established on Tysnes, Norway in 1986. Initialy, the company's chief objective was to develop hardware/software for processing industry, ships and aquaculture, based on PLC systems. In addition, Microman started to develop specialized electronics during the late eighties.

In the nineties the firm has specialized in constructing microprocessor based electronics and software, created for aquaculture and other industries. The company owns its own modern equipment for development of electronics and software. All equipment is based on Motorola microprocessors and compact circuit solutions.

Microman AS is a leader within development and production of electronic control systems for aquaculture and counting and vaccination equipment for fish. The firm delivers electronic control systems to Lumic AS and ARENA AS
On request Microman AS also develops customized electronics for other producers. The firm possesses competence in analog and digital technique, and can produce electronics on a smaller scale.